His Majesty’s Dragon

Most of us, including me, had never read this novel. We were all shocked at how much we loved it.

It’s a unique blend of history and friendship tale and fantasy. Even those who weren’t big fantasy fans loved it, and I hope you will, too.

The novel is probably available in your local library. If not, it’s in paperback at Barnes & Noble or any other place you buy books.

This is the original flyer (below). The dates were for the livestreamed class, but it’s still fun to see the flyer and the chapter assignments at a glance.

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Part 1: Meet Napoleon

Most people don’t know that I teach Social Studies as well as English. That made this section of the class super fun because I got to pull out all of my history teacher tricks!

This is a super interesting intro to an even more interesting historical figure.

No reading is required for this class that you can watch here.

Part 2: Chapters 1 – 5

We’re diving into the novel, and it starts with a very interesting and unusual event.

Read chapters 1 – 5, and then watch class here.

dragon on background of flame with title his majesty's dragon part 1

Part 3: Chapters 6 – 8

We’re in the heart of the novel now, and these chapters pack a punch.

Read chapters 6 – 8, and then watch the class here.

dragon on background of fire with title his majesty's dragon part 3

Part 4: Chapter 9 – End

We were all sad to see this novel end. It’s exciting and somewhat surprising.

Read chapter 9 through the end and watch class here.

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