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15 Tips to Help Gifted Children Thrive in School

You’ll find the top fifteen tips every teacher or parent needs to help gifted kids thrive in school. I also added tons of resources you can explore to learn more about the ideas you’re interested in. This guide is your first step in becoming a master at meeting the needs of gifted children (even if yours aren’t in school!).

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Because so many of you are teachers, I wanted to give a special teacher resource as well.

These super fun, editable classroom coupons let you recognize students (or your own personal kids) with dozens of little (free) ideas they’ll love.

That’s me. I’m Lisa, and I’m a teacher. That’s me livestreaming my class (I get very excited about it, clearly).

That picture was taken for an article about how I became the country’s English teacher overnight. You can read more about that if you want.

If you’re a teacher, a parent, concerned about gifted ed, a gifted kid, or just curious what it’s all about, welcome!

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What You’ll Find on Gifted Guru

I’m known as the Gifted Guru (because while “Van Gemert” is a very cool Dutch name, it’s hard to pronounce). You can read more about me here, if you would like all the deets.

I share every worthwhile thing I can think of or find with teachers and parents and anyone who wants to do a great job at either of those things.

If you’re a teacher:

You’ll find great information and resources about:

If you’re a parent:

I’m a parent, too, and at Gifted Guru, you’ll find all of my best parenting tips, ideas, and resources. I’ve got three biological children, two bonus children, I’ve hosted two foreign exchange students, and I’ve had twelve foster children. That’s a lot of parenting!

You’ll find loads of great information:

If you’re interested in gifted education:

I’ve been called the “Ambassador of the Gifted,” and I love that so much. My aim is to make the world safe for gifted kids. If you’re interested in gifted education, there’s plenty here for you! Be sure to check out:


If you’re a gifted kid:

You’re a gifted kid? Me, too! Well, I mean I grew up, but that’s just a technicality. I’m so excited to have you here. Okay, here’s what I think you’ll like:

  • Come to class! I livestream an English class that kids like you participate in from all over the place. Come and make friends and learn cool stuff! You can watch previous classes on YouTube (and meet our dragon, Cirrignis). Even if you think you don’t like to read, I got you.
  • There are articles just for you or that have stuff for you in them
  • Looking for a great book? I organize all my faves here.
  • You’ll love the Interview with a Gifted Kid series. You can even be interviewed for it, if you want!

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If you feel like you want to read even more (wow!), check out my books! I’ve written a bunch of them, like this one.