💡 The most comprehensive resource for differentiation help is the full course. You get lifetime access to about ten hours of video recordings that you can refer to again and again, as well as to loads of helps you can use in your classroom right now. Learn more here (and use coupon code “teacher” for a big discount!). 

💡 My good friend Ian Byrd has a truly awesome website for teachers that you have probably visited/stalked for hours. is one of the awesome, most-visit sites for teachers.

💡 You can find everything I’ve written about differentiation on the website here.

Really, all you need are two things:

First, this site – the homepage of Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted.

Secondly, Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence book.

Well, you need my class, too, but I can’t print that here. One thing I sincerely recommend are film- and bibliotherapy to help gifted kids understand themselves.

The Feelings posters at KindleMental are fabulous and inexpensive. Love this company; love their product.

This is where you go to interpret CogAT scores. It’s a good place to send parents.

Hoagies has a comprehensive (if cluttered) list of tests and information about them.

Wright’s Law has solid information about testing and how to understand the math behind it. It includes the legal side of it, too, so it’s deeper than a typical teacher would need. I include it here because it does an excellent job at explaining standard deviation and what it means when a kid is “average” or not.

The Creating Minds site has a wide variety of resources, including tools, articles, and – added benefit – is easy to use.

I love the book How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci. It’s great for teachers and to use with students as well.





General Stuff I Like

I love the blog Byrdseed Gifted. The teacher who does it is clever, a good writer, and a real, live programmer, so it’s fun to look at, too.


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Concept Capsules: The Interactive, Research-based Method for Teaching Academic Vocabulary
Cinquain Poem Unit Bundle

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15 Ways to Help Gifted Kids Thrive in School

15 ways to help gifted kids thrive in school with ideas that work for lots of kids, so everyone will find ideas they can apply right away.