Conference Keynotes

Selecting the right keynote speaker is crucial.

The keynote anchors and sets the tone for the conference, and it needs to be spot on, have wide ranging appeal, and match the unique needs of the event. You need someone who is not a prima donna and who has strong presentation design skills. You need someone who actually attends the conference, interacting with attendees and helping to create a full conference experience. I understand.

After attending hundreds of keynotes myself, I’ve designed my keynote presentations with two things in mind: making it easy on organizers and perfect for attendees. To find out if I’ve succeeded, read the feedback below.

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Here is what Cynde Frederick of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education had to say:
Lisa’s keynote was riveting and well received! Poignant, powerful, passionate, and memorable. Spontaneous applause erupted at least twice during her presentation, and she got a rousing standing ovation at the end. Many would like to hear it all over again, and with good reason. She was, without a doubt, the highlight of this year’s PAGE conference.
After back-to-back keynotes of the Colorado Association for the Gifted and Talented conference, president-elect and conference director Roger Dowd said:

Thanks so much for coming out to CAGT! Once again, you were a tremendous hit and a highlight of the conference this year. In addition to your world-class presentation skills, we so appreciate your professionalism, flexibility and willingness to step in to help us out when needed. Besides being one of the leading lights in the field, you are also a pleasure to work with, and we hope to continue our relationship with you in the future.

Here is what Ashley Delaney of the Iowa Talented and Gifted organization said about her experience:

Lisa’s keynote presentation was thought provoking, cutting edge and multidimensional. People were excited to hear her speak after a news article she contributed. She certainly delivered beyond what was anticipated. Our attendees are begging to have her return. As a conference organizer, Lisa was easy to work with, organized and a joy to interact with throughout the process. I would and do recommend her to any organization working with gifted education.


Here is a sample of the feedback conference organizers have received about my keynote presentations:

One of the best speakers I have heard. She is eloquent and clearly knows her information. I respect the fact that she also is so practical!

Wow, was I ever inspired, and so was my staff!! Thank you for bringing her!

I could have listened to her all day both days and not grown tired.

Lisa is highly gifted herself, she made her content accessible and fathomable to all in her audience. I left feeling exceedingly motivated to advocate for GT students, and redouble my creativity outreach to all students.

She was over the top excellent. What an inspiring speaker.

Absolutely fantastic. Lisa is a dynamic, engaging presenter, and her presentation is well-crafted. I would love to hear her again!

Her presentation was so packed with information, that when I took a few notes, I may have missed something!

I love, love, love Lisa Van Gemert. I will listen to anything she has to say. I first heard her last year at the parent night and attended two of her sessions, but her keynote was inspired. She is amazing.

Please have her come back.

She did an outstanding job speaking about many of the problems my students face and was an inspiration. I also felt she was practical.

Wish she would come back! Did not get enough from her jewels of knowledge and wisdom.

Very touching and inspirational!!

Very energetic and enthusiastic speaker! I plan to use many of her ideas in my classes. Thank you for bringing her to the conference.

Lisa’s keynote message was very interesting, high energy and meaningful!

Humorous, entertaining, and lots of great real-life examples.

WOW–! I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s talk. What a great way to remind us of so many important issues gifted kids are confronting. I asked all my students today lots of questions to get a read on where they are with things. Reminds us of how important it is to think of the whole child.

Her words were truly inspirational! I walked away with not only a greater understanding of my students but of myself, too.

Loved her energy and enthusiasm. I thought the 5 headed dragon analogy was spot on. She was a dynamic presenter with relevant and applicable strategies. Loved that she offered solutions to combat the dragons.

She is a wonderful speaker with so much information to share!

Loved it! Bring her back!

She knocked it out of the park. Anytime a speaker can include his or her own creative energy and still present the info in a clear way, I am sold.

Very dynamic speaker. She would be great to have back again. High energy, great ideas to take back, solid information to chew on.

This was the best keynote address I have seen yet. The information was relevant, engaging, well-researched, practical and useful.

PLEASE bring her back! I wish I could have gone to all of her sessions – keep her as a keynote, and as a breakout speaker, preferably with multiple sessions.

She was entertaining and brought up important issues about giftedness. I appreciated that she also provided possible ways we might help gifted students deal with these issues.

Lisa’s presentation was excellent. Much helpful knowledge delivered in a concise, entertaining and well organized format. Powerful slides.

Loved it! She went beyond just throwing out information and made it relatable with her personal stories.

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