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Lisa keynotes major conferences, including state conferences in Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Montana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin to rave reviews. She promises your attendees will be stopping you in the hall to tell you how amazing it was.

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Descriptions of keynotes are included below. All sessions are appropriate for a wide audience, even youth.

Picturing Gifted: Exploring the Gifted Experience

Simultaneously nostalgic, funny, moving, and on-point, this presentation explores the gifted experience through classic picture books – with a twist. From “The Gifted Child and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day at School,” to “Gifted Child, Gifted Child, What Do You Learn?” to “Where the Gifted Things Are” and everything in between, this visually appealing session invites participants to dive deeply into all things gifted. It’s perfect for everything from the novice to those with decades of experience with gifted education, and promises a delightful, yet provocative experience. The session has an advocacy focus, luring attendees to the gifted side.

Letters to the Young Gifted

What do gifted adults wish they could share with the rising gifted generation? If they could go back and do it all over again, what traits and paradigms would they wish they had?

Explore the seven pillars that create or support healthy social, emotional and cognitive development in the gifted.

Find out what a library in Baghdad and Olympic athletes can teach our gifted children. Learn what it means to turn your own tide, the role of honor, and the importance of gathering a team (no matter how unlikely).

Discover the underrated power of waiting, and the correct approach to the gifted/typical code switch.

Empower educators and students as we travel there and back again.

The Five-Headed Dragon: Threats to Giftedness

Gifted youth face many threats to their well-being, both cognitive and emotional, that prevent them from achieve their dreams. We will face five of these threats head on: Stereotype Threat, Imposter Syndrome, Bullying, Underachievement, and Perfectionism.

These threats distort gifted youths’ view of themselves, create hesitancy where boldness is needed, turn victors into victims, deny gifts, and prevent academic risk-taking.

Giving educators and parents the tools they need to ward off the five-headed dragon will allow gifted learners to soar to new heights of personal and academic fulfillment.


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