Thanks for joining me for my session on incorporating game theory into your classroom.

Here are some resources I recommended in the session:

Bartle’s Player Types

  • You can read more about them here.

Moments of Truth:



Choice – Dice

Low-Prep Games

  • Hangman
  • Concentration/Memory
  • Free Rice
  • Free Kibble
  • Toss the Ball: Use a small, Nerf-type ball. Toss to first participant and ask a question. If correct, he/she can toss to another person and that person gets a question. If wrong, teacher takes ball back and chooses new participant to answer the question.
  • 1 vs. 100 (or whatever the class size is)

Objective: for one contestant to answer questions against (class size) others and eventually try to eliminate them all.

The 1 is selected (however you want to choose)
The player is asked a three-way multiple choice question.

The “(class size)” are given six seconds to answer by selecting the letter A, B, or C, that are written on separate sheets of paper.

The “1” can then give their answer in their own time. If the 1 is correct, they stay in the game. If they are wrong, they leave with nothing.

If any of the class members get a question wrong they are eliminated, and for each elimination the 1 receives ($1000 in the real game – you can give anything you want). However, to get their hands on the money they must eliminate all their opponents.

In order for the player to get the (reward) he/ she must answer all the questions correctly and get rid of the opponents.

The class, has a goal to stay in the game. IF they successfully knock out the 1, then they split the reward.


Charts (Note: I do not believe in behavior charts unless required by federal law in an IEP or 504. I use these for gamification purposes.)


QR Codes

I have ____, who has____?

PowerPoint Games 

The super awesome “labs” suite of goodness

Thank you for sharing the day with me!

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