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Using Haiku Poetry in the Classroom

Haiku in the Classroom How can you use haiku do in your classroom? A quick list includes: It’s no secret that I love poetry. I love teaching it, reading it, and even writing it. In second grade, my classmates accused me of cheating when I wrote my first haiku. Their

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Can Spelling Bees Help Anxious Children?

Recently, I was a guest on the They’ll be Fine podcast, a fabulous podcast for those interested in gifted education done by the North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented. The super cool and sparkly Stephanie Higgs, better known on the ‘Gram as her alter ego, Little Miss Gifted,

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Tips for Using ASL in Your Classroom

ASL has a place in every classroom.  Because I specialize in the education of gifted and talented students, I often cross paths with students who have atypical learning needs. ASL is a great fit for students with learning disabilities, for students with amazing learning abilities, and for those who are

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5 Profound Mistakes Every Teacher Should Avoid in Their Career

Recently I hosted three other teachers at my home for dinner. We’d all taught together, and we have about 100 years of combined teaching experience. While we had different teaching styles, different strengths, and different weaknesses, what we shared was exceptional proficiency as educators. After journaling and thinking about the

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Depth and Complexity Poetry Annotation Activity

When teachers are working with Depth and Complexity, one of the challenges they face is how to adapt already-existing content to the framework. It can seem harder to take what you have and infuse it with high-level thinking than to just start from scratch. In addition to the articles on

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Best Tips for Bingo in the Classroom

Quality review activities are essential for content mastery. I’ve written about my favorite ways to review (boring) stuff, and one of those suggestions was review games. Bingo in particular makes a great review game, and there are some best practies for making it as effective as possible. If you like

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6 Great Classroom Review Strategies

I’ve got ten strategies I follow when to create quality review opportunities, even of boring stuff. Let’s face it: sometimes there are things our students (or children) need to know that aren’t that exciting. We know that review is essential to deep learning, but how do we create quality review

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