Stealth Giftedness: Day 3

Welcome to Ten Days of Stealth Giftedness: A Crash Course on Incognito Intelligence

This is your guide to effectively hiding your giftedness from the world.

Kind of like being the James Bond or Jason Bourne of smart. Or both.

Like these boys.

Day 3:  Don’t turn in your assignment when you’re finished.

Let’s keep this to ourselves, shall we?

You finish the work before the teacher has finished passing it out to the rest of the class. I know.

It’s a sad truth that most gifted kids can do their work with half of their cerebrum tied behind their backs.

And in half the time.

You don’t even need all this glowing brain, do you? I know that, too.

You may have noticed that other kids (and the teachers, too) can be a tad resentful of the fact that you just turned in the work (spectacularly done, too, by the way – nice job) that is taking everyone else ten times as long.

If you’re really lucky, the teacher will hand it back to you and ask you to check your work. As if.

So, to hide your giftedness, you will need to keep the work much longer than you otherwise would.

This is uncomfortable. It’s like holding back a sneeze.

Here’s the formula:

Count the number of students in the class.

Calculate 10% of this number.

You may turn your paper in AFTER that many kids have turned in their papers.

Now you know secret number three. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how your lunch box may be telling people a lot more about you than you ever realized.

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