Tiering and Compacting: You CAN do it!

tiering and compacting

Tiering and compacting as differentiation strategies are underused because they’re intimidating. They needn’t be! This is an introduction to them that I think may help teachers understand them and (most importantly) be willing to try them! The two mistakes teachers make that prevents them from effective tiering and compacting are:

1. Thinking they have to have 30 different students on 30 different levels. Nope! You really never need more than three.

2. Creating a lesson plan for the typical student, and then trying to alter it up & down. That’s much harder! Begin with the most able student in mind and then clone that lesson plan/activity, adding support or removing complexity to make it right for the typical student. If you need to, clone that one, adding support or removing complexity for the struggling learner. That’s it!

Be sure to print this tiering and compacting handout first – you’ll need it. Of course the presentation is better in person, but you’ll get the idea.

I’d love to get some sample lesson plans to go along with what I’ve got. Anyone have any they’re willing to share?

I know you can do it!


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