Easy Peasy Stuff to do with Kids

I was on tv this morning talking about simple things to do with kids at home this summer.

I thought I’d put the directions for the beanbags here. To make them, take a scrap piece of fabric that is one inch wider than you would like the bean bag to be and 1/2 inch more than twice as long. So, if you want a 3″ square bean bag, you would need a strip of fabric that is 4″ by 6 1/2″. Fold the fabric right sides together and stitch the sides using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Turn the bag right side out and fill it with dry split peas (do not overfill – they work best if they’re a little loosey-goosey). Tuck the top edges in toward the inside of the bean bag, and then stitch the bag closed, sewing on top of the folded over fabric (so you’re sewing through four layers of fabric). Voila!

For more cool activities, see www.mensaforkids.org!

Mom, I’m Bored: Mensa Activities: MyFoxDFW.com

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