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free-math-resourcesThe best math resources are those that are also free! If you’ve got a mathemaniac, have I got some great free resources for you.

Many mathematicians agree that probability and statistics are under-taught in schools, especially in light of their use in everyday life. The Web site for the Actuarial Foundation has made available a free book downloadable here. It’s a problem-based lesson plan for 6th – 8th grades. There are other free lesson plans on the site, too, for grades 4 – 12, so visit their main teacher site here. They even have an interactive saving game to play.

Another site with free math lesson plans is Study Geek. The cool thing about this site is the blend of resources here – not just lessons (all the way through Calculus), but also homework helps, with cool calculators like the Greatest Common Factor calculator. This is the site to use if you’re trying to help kids with math homework.

Here’s a fun, fast, free activity with no preparation needed (how often do you see all those qualities together?): go to Monkeying Around and get your free goodness. This company produces amazing dot-to-dot books, and they have samples of a few of their pages on their Web site. It’s harder than you think! You can get more free puzzles by following their blog.

Looking for some logic/critical thinking problems for your bright child? The MindWare catalog people have books called “Perplexors” for which they offer free sample pages on their website. Search for “perplexors,” click on the book you want, and then select “sample book pages.” Voila! Free samples!

They offer free sample pages of virtually all of their books, which is awesome, and they also have a Pinterest board where they share other free samples.

I just love free stuff. I can pinch a penny until it screams for mercy. Enjoy your free stuff, and I’d love to hear where you find great free stuff, too!

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