Stealth Giftedness: Day 6

Welcome to Ten Days of Stealth Giftedness: A Crash Course on Incognito Intelligence

This is your guide to effectively hiding your giftedness from the world.

Kind of like being the James Bond or Jason Bourne of smart. Or both.

Like these boys.

Day 6: Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The stereotype of the gifted kid as being an over-eager teacher’s pet prevails, and so to be stealthy about your giftedness you must pretend as if you do not care one whit about school, your teacher, your future, your grades, or anything else that might be construed as investment in school.

In other words, look bored.

Of course, it’s possible that  you actually don’t care one whit about any of this, in which case today’s assignment should be a piece of cake.

While you are being a member of the Stealth Gifted cadre, there will be no clapping of erasers, no elation over a good grade, no public displays of motivation, and no hint of emotional investment in your education.

In other words, if your teacher needs a pet, he’s going to have to get a dog.

But if he brings the dog to school, you can’t act interested.

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