Creating Printables in PowerPoint

How you ever wondered how teachers create those cute printables? It’s easier than you could possibly imagine. And free. Which is always good. This tutorial will teach you how to create printables in PowerPoint. You can use them in your home, classroom, blog, or even sell your awesome product! This

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PowerPoint Tutorial: Working with Images the Easy Way

PowerPoint Tutorials can make everything easier. If you have ever struggled with working with images in PowerPoint, this tutorial is perfect for you! Have you ever tried to pull an image into PowerPoint and had it be so huge that you couldn’t even find a corner to grab to shrink it?

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Do You Know These Tech Tools?

Tech tools make learning {and lesson preparation} more fun, and often more interesting. Do you know these favorite tech tools of mine? 1. Classtools for QR Code Scavenger Hunts QR codes can be spectacularly fun in class, and Classtools has a particularly cool trick for teachers. Just type in a series

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The Beginning Wow: 3 Things You Can Learn from Buffer

Buffer facilitates sharing. Its tagline – “A Smarter Way to Share” – reveals its mission. If you are (or want to be) a thought leader, have a multi-pronged social media presence, or just seek a pretty way to share information, Buffer can help with that. Recently, I read about Buffer and

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PowerPoint Timer Slides

PowerPoint Countdown Timer Slides are slidedecks that automatically count down, advancing without clicking. They’re great for teachers who want students to be able to track progress and manage their time. While there are PowerPoint timers available, this is different in that there is an editable text box that allows teachers

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Wheel of Choice Free Download

This simple yet cool one-slide PowerPoint lets you “spin” a wheel, and it even includes a satisfying “spinny” sound. Uses, you ask? choose teams choose assignments select number of seconds or minutes or times something will be done anything requiring an element of randomness take the place of dice in

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Memes are so popular and useful, which is a great combo if you know how to create them. In this tutorial, I’ll share the easy, free way to create memes using, a free online program. The site looks like this when you get there, and I’ll show you what to

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Who Else Wants Great Free Images?

If you have ever anguished over finding just the right image for your presentation or your blog or your handout or for your students to use or for your social media conversations, anguish no more. I’m sharing my go-to sites for finding copyright- and royalty-free images that look great. I’ll

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Step Away from the Bullet Points

Brian Housand and I have a thing about presentation design. We like it to be like meat from a disreputable source: well done. At the TAGT conference last week, we presented together on this idea, and our slide deck is available, along with the handout from the presentation. I’ve embedded

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Infusing Technology into the Classroom: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you wanted to infuse your classroom with more technology? Or perhaps you’d like to make your home more edu-tech friendly. Whatever your purpose, I’ve created a simple guide for infusing technology into the classroom/homeschool room without overwhelming you! It’s two short pages, with lots of tips and great resources.

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