5 Great Picture Books for Young Readers

teacher and students - 5 Great Picture Books for young readers

If you’re looking for great books for bright kids, I’ve got five great books for bright readers that I think you’re going to love. I’ve grouped them together because several of these books are about space or stars. Whether you are building a classroom or home library, or whether you are looking for great gift ideas, this list will help you find the perfect book.

This is a part of a series of videos and written reviews for books I recommend for bright young readers.

These books were sent to me by the publisher for review, but I have not received any compensation for the reviews, and the opinions are purely my own.

📚 Once Upon a Time There Was And Will Be So Much More by Johanna Schaible

📚 Ada and the Galaxies by Alan Lightman and Olga Pastuchiv, Illustrated by Susanna Chapman

📚 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Sing Along with Me Illustrated by Yu-hsuan Huang

📚 Nano: The Spectacular Science of the Very Small by Dr. Jess Wade, Illustrated by Melissa Castrillón

📚 Fearless: the Story of Daphne Caruana Galizia by Gattaldo

You may scroll down to read the reviews, or click the video below to watch or listen to longer reviews and see the books and their illustrations.

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Once Upon a Time There Will Be and So Much More by Johanna Schaible

If you only get one book I ever recommend, make it this one. I requested the book from the publisher because the title fascinated me. Then the book came. Wow! It’s this magical exploration of time as it goes from very, very long ago to now, and then into the future. Why this is amazing is the design of the book. As it gets closer to the present, the pages actually get smaller. It’s stunning. The illustrations are terrific, and it’s a thought provoking read. This is one I’d go look at the video review for because you’ll be able to see how cool it is. I highly, highly recommend it.

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Ada and the Galaxies by Alan Lightman & Olga Pastuchiv, Illustrated by Susanna Chapman

This book wins for for most gorgeous and clever illustrations. The artist uses actual photos taken by the Hubble telescope in her art, and the results are stellar (pun intended). The story was inspired by the author’s grandchildren’s visit to Maine, and it tells the story of a space-obsessed girl named Ada who longs to look at the stars. It’s cleverly written, engaging, and a wonderful bedtime story. It’s so fun to find a book where the strength of the text and the illustrations are in perfect alignment. This one is on my must-have list.

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Sing Along with Me, Illustrated by Yu-hsuan Huang (board book)

I’ll admit this right away: I’m a big believer in introducing music to children very early through musical toys and books. Rather than pop-ups or flaps, this board book has sections that slide or spin at the push of a (little) finger, making it much more sturdy than is typical for interactive books. The illustrations remind me of a Margaret Wise Brown Little Golden Book called The Color Kittens that I treasured as a child. There are only four pages, so that’s important to know, although it doesn’t feel short because the pages are very thick. I would absolutely buy this for a baby in my life.

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Nano: The Spectacular Science of the Very (Very) Small by Dr. Jess Wade, Illustrated by Melissa Castrillón

This is a perfect introduction to nanoscience written by a physicist. It’s approachable and cleverly illustrated. I love this book so much because it will be equally enjoyed by kids and adults. There are a few illustrations that caught me in my tracks, and I learned an incredible amount about nanoparticles. This is a fun read, as well as a great introduction to chemistry and nanotechnology. I love non-fiction for bright kids, and this does not disppoint. Just writing this makes me want to go back and read it again.

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Fearless: The Story of Daphne Caruana Galizia by Gattaldo

I wanted to love this, but I thought it was just okay. However, if you are looking for true stories of strong females that are culturally diverse, this is a solid addition to your library. It tells the story of a Maltese journalist who is determined to stand against corruption and the price she pays for it. The reason I thought this was just okay was that I didn’t like the font (that may seem small to others, but it’s a big deal to me), and I wasn’t a huge fan of the illustration style. I also felt there could have been more information about her at the back for curious kids. That said, if you are building a library of diverse books, this one may earn a spot.

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Wrapping Up:

Great books help create great readers. If you would like to find more books for bright kids (as well as toy suggestions), my Amazon storefront has all of my recommendations.

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