Differentiating for Rigor in the ELA Classroom

differentiating for rigor

Differentiating a challenging course can confuse even experienced educators. How do we add rigor to something already rigorous? It can feel like gilding the lily.

Yet, even in advanced courses, the students are different. They have different levels of ability, interest and preparation. Where there is need in students, there is opportunity for great teaching.

I have put together a five-page free printable mini-guide with suggestions for how to differentiate for rigor in the ELA classroom. It’s got some great resources, and a step-by-step plan.

I’m also sharing my fave tool for GT students – the Scholar Extension Opportunity.

Differentiating for rigor in the ELA classroom can be energizing for students and teachers.

Interested? Download the free guide.


Differentiating for rigor ELA Gifted Guru

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