What’s the Next Step?

teacher and students - What's the next step?

You don’t have to be the most amazing teacher ever, tomorrow.

That’s the thought for the day.

Recently, I heard a message at church that encouraged us to start where we are and simply do the next thing on our journey to becoming better Christians.

What’s the next step?

That message resonated with me because I think it’s easy to become overwhelmed in any profession or role when you see how amazing something (like you) could be, and how not amazing it is.

The struggle to become better can be shockingly demoralizing.

One way to avoid feeling defeated by how far we are from where we want to be is to identify the next step, the next thing, and work on that.

It goes against the saying, but sometimes we can’t see the trees for the forest.

So, consider identifying where you are in your skills and habits, and identifying the next step. Then, act on that, moving forward in that area. After you’ve gotten that down, choose another next step. And so on and so on.

Here are some areas to consider in your quest to be an amazing educator…

Consider how you are doing with:

  • making personal connections with students
  • communicating with parents
  • grading effectively
  • time management
  • substitute planning
  • lesson planning
  • differentiation
  • collaborating with colleagues
  • understanding of content standards
  • awakening learning desire in students
  • creating confidence in learners
  • sharing ideas with colleagues
  • learning from professional development
  • organizing supplies
  • organizing paperwork
  • communicating with administrators
  • fulfilling professional responsibilities

Teaching is a multi-faceted career with many options for growth. You cannot improve all of them simultaneously.

So today, simply pick one and move forward toward the next step in that one thing.

Over time, your next steps will lead you to the greatness you seek.

Do I sound like a fortune cookie? I hope not. I hope I sound encouraging. I hope I sound practical. I hope I sound like your nicest sister.

I believe that educators are amazing, and I think they get there one next step at a time.

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