Worth Reading Rating System


Amazon does it, and so I do. What it is? Rate books on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being highest. I just use numbers, not stars, and my descriptions that correspond to each number are a little different (“I like it” is just too pedestrian for me). I’m sharing it with you because I think it’s important to review every book you read, even if it just means giving it a number. You’ve given the book a piece of your life – give it a piece of your mind, too.

So here’s the system I use in every review I do.

5. Drop everything and buy this book. Go without eating dinner if you need to. You not only need to read this, you need to own it. No home library will be complete without this book.

4. A must-read, but check it out of the library. Original ideas, well-written, at least some crucial knowledge. A single read may be good enough, so borrow – don’t buy.

3. Read this if you have lots of time to read and aren’t that picky about what it is you’re reading. May have some valuable information, but the writing is sub-standard or dry, or the information is not that valuable or unique.

2. Don’t read this. Just don’t. Unless you know the author, it’s not worth it.

1. Not only should you not read this book, no one should read it and no one should have written it. The fact that trees died to print this book is a travesty.

Looking for an example of a 5? Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. Dan Pink’s Drive. Read ’em & own ’em!

What are your 5’s?


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