Best Tips for Bingo in the Classroom

Quality review activities are essential for content mastery. I’ve written about my favorite ways to review (boring) stuff, and one of those suggestions was review games. Bingo in particular makes a great review game, and there are some best practies for making it as effective as possible. If you like

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interview with a gifted kid Arley

Interview with a Gifted Kid: Arley

In this installment of the Interview with a Gifted Kid series, we’ll meet Arley, an eleven-year-old girl from Texas. I usually keep these interviews to about thirty minutes, but Arley and I ended up chatting and chatting forever. It was such a blast. There are two key takeaways from this

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school supplies - review strategies

6 Great Classroom Review Strategies

I’ve got ten strategies I follow when to create quality review opportunities, even of boring stuff. Let’s face it: sometimes there are things our students (or children) need to know that aren’t that exciting. We know that review is essential to deep learning, but how do we create quality review

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colorful birds

Portrait of an Artist as Young Woman

How can teachers and parents support artistically gifted children? What is artistic process like for young people? In this installment of the Interview with a Gifted Kid series, we’ll meet Ava, an 8th-grader from Texas who is an accomplished artist. This interview is different from the norm in that Ava is artistically

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teacher and students

Celebrating 185 Terrific Teachers!

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (celebrated the first full week in May each year), I decided to save up my allowance and recognize some teachers. I sent an email out to the Gifted Guru Insiders (you can become one here), asking for people to nominate a teacher they thought would

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gifted teens

Learning about The Online Group for Gifted Teens

If you are looking for a safe place on the internet for gifted teens to gather, you will have a hard time. A gifted teen in England decided to change that. She began her own group, The Gifted Gaggle, on the Mighty Networks platform. It bills itself as “A network

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New Year Teaching Ideas

Almost every teaching idea about New Year’s Day focuses on making resolutions. I wanted to create something different for teachers, and I wanted it to be something that had a variety of ideas. Of course it had be able to done virtually and it had to look good. Oh, and

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boy in a laboratory

How to Help a Gifted Child Succeed

If you’ve parented or taught a gifted child, you’ve probably Googled “How to help my gifted child succeed” at least once. Or maybe a million times. Everytime, you’re probably hoping someone has revealed the great secret. I’ve worked with gifted children for decades, and I’m sharing (for free) the best

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teachers & students image analysis

Depth and Complexity Image Analysis Activity

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we make things worse when trying to make them better? I’ve just recently come across this dynamic in my teaching practice. I share resources for teachers on my little Teachers pay Teachers store. The TpT company has become very concerned with racial justice. That’s

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