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Inviting New Books into Your Life

The last post looked at how to find new homes for books you no longer needed to live with. This post focuses on the other end of the dynamic – how to invite new books into your life. And if you are parenting gifted kids, this is information you will

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Easy Peasy Stuff to do with Kids

I was on tv this morning talking about simple things to do with kids at home this summer. I thought I’d put the directions for the beanbags here. To make them, take a scrap piece of fabric that is one inch wider than you would like the bean bag to

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Why There are Too Few Kids of Color in Gifted Programs

Children of color are underrepresented The data is clear: children of color are underrepresented in gifted programs nationwide, even when we account for socio-economic differences. I read an article about the pervasively pale nature of gifted programs. Let’s speak what it is: racism. The article focused on one young woman

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How Not to Waste People’s Time

Being careful with people’s time is an underappreciated skill. I’ve got a tip for how not to waste people’s time. As teachers, we are in a unique position to be stewards of the time we have our students. If you’re working with gifted students, not using time wisely can cause

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Stop Using Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Classroom

Multiple  Intelligence Theory has little or no place in the classroom. Teachers should stop using multiple intelligence theory and avoid inventories that purport to tell learners what “type” of learner they are. These inventories are based on a conflation of the ideas of Multiple Intelligence Theory and Learning Styles. Learning Styles do

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Getting the Most Out of Professional Development

When I spoke at the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented Annual Conference in 2010,  it was a thought-provoking experience. The most powerful part for me was the keynote by  Jim Delisle. He’s best known for his many books on parenting (and being) gifted kids, but this keynote address

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