Top Dog: Gifted Guru Book Club Review

top dog
Oh, oh, oh. I loved Top Dog. I have used something from this book at least once a week since I’ve read it. I actually waited to write this review because I was worried I would be too ridiculous in my praise. So it’s been six months, and it’s still a book I’d rescue from a burning building.

6 Reasons This Book is Fantastic

  1. You can read it for fun, even though it’s non-fiction. The writing is so fluid, you feel like you’re reading a narrative. I love non-fiction I can have on my nightstand, not just my desk. This is just this kind of book. I finished the last hundred pages or so on a plane, hoping against hope we wouldn’t land before I could reach the end.
  1. You can use up all those extra sticky notes you’ve got lying around. By the time I got to page 50, I’d used an equal number of tab stickies. There are so many ideas, and it prompts so many of your own ideas (my margins are full of notes like, “How can kids bring this idea into the classroom?”). I love it when books make me think my own thoughts, too.
  1. It will solve the “What should I read next?” dilemma. First, you will have lots of studies you want to read. If this is “selected” sources and references, I don’t even want to know about the comprehensive version. Secondly, you will want to rush out and buy their other book Nurture Shock unless you’ve already read it (and maybe even if you have).
  1. Cocktail parties will hold no fear for you. You will always have something interesting to say because you will have about 100 talking points from this book. It’s got enough conversation starters to last you for the next five years, even if you go to lots of talky parties. Personally, I kept my hair stylist (and two next to her) enthralled with ideas from the book for an hour and a half, prompting her to tell me that I’m her favorite client. Therefore, this book can make you popular.
  1. You will understand yourself. When you finish this book, you will understand better why you act the way you do under stress (Are you a worrier or a warrior [like me]?), how to find something worth competing for, the role of mistakes in your life, and how to harness your inner strength.
  1. It will help you be a better leader. Whether you’re a teacher or a manager or some other kind of leader, you will get the skills you need to help the people you lead perform their best. People love people who empower them, and this book can help you empower people around you. You will learn the inner workings of the brain and its role in success. You will learn how to harness mistakes and anxiety in a way that actually improves performance.
As much as I love this book, I won’t lend it out because I find myself constantly referring to it. It’s become a part of my library’s canon, and I highly recommend you make it part of yours.
Worth Reading Rating System Rating: 5
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