Good Books for Middle School Readers

Good Books for Middle School Readers

Finding good books for middle school readers can be tricky (and if those readers are gifted, it’s doubly so).

A parent recently asked me for suggestions, so I’ve curated this list.

The list has two things: titles of books I recommend, and also places to find lists of good books for middle school readers with specific interests.

Good Books for Middle School Readers

Specific Books I Recommend

These are specific titles I recommend, in alphabetical order by title. These recommendations are for books I feel accomplish at least one of the following:

  1. Promote social growth and understanding
  2. Resonate with gifted kids
  3. Celebrate resilience
  4. Encourage personal strength & fortitude
  5. Contribute to the cultural conversation

I only recommend titles I’ve read, and I’ve tried to keep the list to a manageable size!


Challenges for middle school readers include:

  • Read 10,000 pages (or 100,000)
  • Read 26 books with titles beginning with every letter of the alphabet (“x” can be anywhere in the title)
  • Read a book with authors from all 50 states
  • Try this 50-Book Challenge
  • Read all of the Newbery winners

List of Books on Special Topics and Ideas

These are links to lists others have curated on specific topics:

If you’ve got suggestions for good books for middle school readers or other topics they like to read about, please, please share in the comments!

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